Whale Watching Tour

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Icecube of Aurora

A winter trip on the fjords of Alta can be a magical experience. Yes, it may be cold, but remember with cold weather follows plenty of great natural phenomenons. Such as the cold mist laying flat on the sea caused by the temperature differences in the air and the water. The fantastic light conditions we have in the darker times of the year can cause the northern light to appear earlier on the shorter days and, and lately also whales have appeared – the whales have migrated further north allowing us to observe in our district. We also offer this excursion for smaller groups.

Come along our excursion with an experienced captain and bring your friends and close ones. We departure in the morning to get the most out of the daylight as the trip enters the historically rich Alta fjord.


(4-6 hours)

NOK 1990,- / 199 EUR including VAT. per adult.

NOK 995,- / 99 EUR including VAT. per child 12 and under.


The tour includes luch and a hot beverage.

Transport can also be requested.

Contact us for details. Please understand that the northern lights, whales and sea mist are all natural phenomena, and you may or may not see them!

The tour is available every day of the week with flexible starting times.

Group size restricted to maximum 4 people.

  • Det følger med:
  • Fiskeutstyr etter avtale.
  • Hodeplagg, votter, skotøy tar gjestene med.
  • Mat bestilles etter avtale.
  • Skipper er deres hjelpende hand.
  • Spørsmål ta kontakt.
  • Viktig: Turene er væravhenging, og kan kansuleres samme dag eller noen
    dager før. Fangst av fisk er avhenging av vær og vind.
Additional information
  • We have available six pieces of coveralls.
  • Fishing rods for six people.
  • Headwear, mittens and footwear is your own responsibility to bring.
  • Food can be prepared upon requests.
  • The captain is your helper.
  • If you have further questions, please contact us.
  • Important: The trips are dependent on the weather conditions and can be cancelled the same day or a few days before. Catching of fish is also dependent on weather and wind.

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