2-3 hours


up to 11 person


NOK 890,-

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The trip starts from Unesbukta and goes along the Altafjord. Here, the skipper and guide will lead the boat some distance out to avoid the light from Alta. In this way, the experience from the Northern Lights in a boat will be a new experience that sets the feelings in motion.

The trip takes 2 to 3 hours from start to the boat is ashore. Time for departure is agreed upon.

2 hours - NOK 890, - for adults / NOK 450, - for children
3 hours - NOK 1400, - for adults / NOK 700, - for children

NB! Food and drinks are provided on tours that are over 4 hours – we do not provide food and drinks for tours under 4 hours.

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Important information before and after booking

All tours starts from Unesbukta/harbour in Alta.


November to March: between 6pm and 8pm

General information

When you arrive at the departure location, you must wait until the guide is there to greet you.

You must show up 30 minutes before departure.

At the departure location you will given heat suits and life jackets.

On warm days you can decide whether or not to wear the heat suit.

When everyone is ready and dressed, the guide will give you necessary information before you access the boat.

Onboard the boat you must follow all security policies and the information given to you beforehand.

All tours are dependant on the weather conditions – if the weather is bad we will call you or send an email the day before, and make a decision together whether to postpone or refund the tour.