Whom does the fishing tour suit?

This tour suits anyone who may not have a great deal of experience with fishing, but still wants to give it a go and try to see if they enjoy it as many others do. You will receive proper guidance from our captain on the tour, and a taste of how fishing works in the North. You will also receive guidance in the usage of fishing equipment.

What should you have on you and with you?

The weather in Alta can vary strongly from day to day, even hourly, however this is one of the charms of Finnmark. The fishermen here in North have learned over the years what good clothing suits the fjords, and we recommend the same for our guests.

- Woolen underwear as the first layer.
- Fleece jacket, woolen sweater or any other middle layer jacket.
- Headwear and mittens that can withstand the smell of fish.
- Boots or other insulated shoes.

Road description

The boat is easily accessible by the E6, and is located on the harbor in the bay of Utnes. If you are arriving from the south you should follow E6 through Bossekop to Alta center, down to the bay and take off by Eurorpis, continue straight forward till you arrive by the harbor. If you are arriving from the north, follow E6 through Rafsbotn and across the Alta bridge, continue past the airport and take off by Europris.

What to expect

You will meet up by the port and be welcomed by our captain, which is a local expert in the Alta Fjord.
You will be provided with necessary information in regards to what the day will bring, as well as safety on board and education in use of fishing equipment and other gears. Personal equipment can also be utilized. We then set course out in Alta Fjord from the port, and head for the different itineraries depending on the tour that is booked.
We must always be aware of weather conditions, but we will do our best to carry through our tour if possible. If the weather leads to cancellation, we will try to setup a new tour as soon as possible or refund the booked tour.