1 hour to 6 hours


12 px


NOK 490

Fra pris



1 hour to 6 hours


12 px


NOK 490

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One of the world's most beautiful night excursions

The midnight sun arrives in the summer period and covers Northern Norway. It is a phenomenon that is difficult to describe, but that leaves traces with those who are lucky enough to experience it.

It creates beautiful flame-like colors in the sky and ensures daylight 24 hours of the day – you won't even notice any difference from the time to leave for the tour and come back again.

We head out at 6 pm and combine the tour with different experiences much like the "Adventure Cruise".

We will also serve a light meal and drinks while we wait for the sun to set.

Focus on safety

Safety and security are the most important thing on our tours. In Finnmark, the weather often dictates what is possible or not, and as a policy the company will not run a tour if we cannot guarantee your safety. In such cases, we will be flexible and postpone the tour to the next day or offer another adventure that is safer.

Important information

We offer three different durations of our trips – you can choose between 1 hour, 2 hours or 4 to 6 hours.

The tours include a captain/guide, a warm suit, a life jacket, and on the longest tours a light meal and drinks.

It is possible to buy transport to and from the boat – this can be booked as an extra service in our booking system.

Alcohol is not allowed onboard.

The group size is limited to maximum 4 px.